Andrea Daina Palermo

Wildlife Photographer

My name is Andrea, I was born in Livorno on March 6th 1977 and for the last ten years I have lived in Vada, a coastal village in the province. Although not too far from my hometown, this change of habits allowed me to turn my gaze fully to my great passion, nature.

photo by Lorenzo Lessi


My passion

Photography has been a consequence, thanks to it I try to document the situations I encounter in my territory, even if strongly man-made. I would like to “study” uncontaminated and wild environments, but for the moment I find my size wild even behind the house and every day more and more.
Lately, my interest has focused on nocturnal birds of prey, incredibly sensitive to human activities, for better or for worse.



Faccio parte dell’FBN Cecina BFI
. Iscritto al gruppo FNT Foto Naturalisti Toscani, collaboro anche con il GIC – Gruppo Italiano Civette.